The Power of Weekly Check Ins at Work

The Power of Weekly Check Ins at Work

Weekly check ins are a powerful habit in business. Engage your team, build you culture and take the next step.

This article takes a look at how you can use weekly check ins in your workplace.

What is a Weekly Check In?

A weekly check in is a quick catch up that is completed weekly. Its a form of employee check in.

A weekly check in is a regular opportunity to get an update and talk about progress, status, barriers and issues. It’s an evolution of the standard performance conversation, but it’s much more regular that waiting for the the annual cycle to come around!

These check ins are much less formal than a performance review or a project review. They’re a chance to get up to speed with what is going on.

Why are Weekly Check Ins so Powerful?

Weekly check ins are great. Just like other types of check ins, weekly check ins are fantastic for alignment, engagement and motivation. They’re an opportunity for professional development and feedback to management, and they reduce the pressure on annual performance reviews. Check ins can also have benefits for employee wellbeing, including better coping and improved mental health.

Because they’re regular, weekly check ins have a few additional advantages:

Establish the Habit, Fast

Weekly check ins ensure that there is data exchanged and dialogue created each week between team leaders and team members. Weekly check ins are easier to schedule and quicker to establish a habit than a monthly or quarterly check in.

Engage Your Workforce

Studies show that highly engaged employees receive feedback more regularly. Give your employees the chance to rise to the occasion.

Show that Team Members Matter

It’s easier to recognise the work of employees if feedback is regular. Weekly check ins help team members to feel like they matter.

Build a Culture of Collaboration

Regular dialogue has huge benefits for the culture of a team or a company. It creates space to reflect, to share feedback, to recognise success and develop trust. These are bedrocks for a culture of collaboration.

Have Breakthrough Conversations

Weekly check ins can be transformative. Get off the treadmill very briefly, and allow space for a different conversation.

Learn to Give Better Feedback

Managers can learn to give better feedback with practice. Weekly check ins encourage managers to learn these skills.

Engage the Younger Generations

Younger generations expect more regular feedback. Weekly check ins provide a tool to meet that expectation.

iyarn: The App for Weekly Check Ins at Work

We’ve built iyarn for weekly check ins. Simply define what matters for your situation and start checking in on those areas!

Use iyarn’s web app if you’re on a desktop or download the app from App Store (for iPhone) and Google Play (for Android)

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