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Take a data-driven approach to managing relationships with iyarn.

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Take a data-driven approach to managing relationships with iyarn.

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Drive culture, values and performance in your business Improve wellbeing and alignment with regular check ins

iyarn is a fast, secure platform for pulse checks, employee engagement, culture surveys and much more. Stay connected, engaged and focused on what matters most in your business, all in the one place.


Set out the areas of focus such as leadership, teamwork and innovation as iyarn segments.


Each member of your team checks in on the segments and can add notes.


Check the progress of each segment at an individual and team level over time.

Take Action

Track important actions to reach team goals together.

How iyarn helps to improve organisations and teams

How iyarn helps to improve organisations and teams

Fast, simple check ins

The iyarn check in is designed to be repeated on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, creating a powerful, regular conversation starter.

Data and insights

What gets measured, gets improved. By tracking the important aspects that drive team performance, productivity and culture, you can focus on making them better over time.

Alignment and performance

Help your people to stay on track to achieve their personal goals and stay engaged on the goals that are important to your business.

Why Connection Matters

Relationships empower trust, accountability, productivity and performance in teams. The human brain is wired to connect but the modern workplace presents many barriers to connection between people. Find out more in our dedicated features on iyarn in business.

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Why Connection Matters

iyarn supports deeper connection between you
and your business community

  • Managers Managers
  • Mentors Mentors
  • Boards Boards
  • Peer to Peer Peer to Peer
  • Wellbeing practitioners Wellbeing practitioners
  • Consultants Consultants

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Unlimited wheels

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Unlimited members

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