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Create a Mentally
Friendly Workplace

Check ins are key to creating mentally friendly workplaces.
iyarn’s regular check ins will transform your team.

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Create a Mentally Friendly Workplace

Unleash the power of the mentally friendly workplace

Mentally friendly workplaces help your team members be happier, healthier and more productive! iyarn has been designed to foster a mentally healthy workplace by creating a safe space to connect management and employees. Our simple, powerful check ins help facilitate and direct the most important conversations in your team.

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Easily start a habit of check ins

The iyarn check in is designed to be repeated on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, creating a powerful, regular conversation starter.

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Shift the focus to what matters

iyarn facilitates the important conversations needed for teams to perform and empowers managers to take action.

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Keep your team engaged

Help your people to stay on track to keep the important issues in focus.

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Measure and improve

By tracking the important aspects that drive team performance, productivity and culture, you can identify opportunities and improve over time.

You can read more about the benefits of becoming a mentally friendly workplace or some common
strategies to become a mentally friendly workplace.

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