Facilitator Onboarding

Facilitator Onboarding

Welcome to our facilitator support portal, here you can find useful video guides to help you use iyarn more effectively! 

A facilitator helps a group of people to work together better, understand their common objectives, and plan how to achieve these objectives, during meetings or discussions. So, if that’s you then you’re in the right place.

How iyarn can help

iyarn makes data collection easy through simple check ins to generate evidence around the impact of your programs and whether members are on track. Understanding how individuals and the collective group are going at any given point allows you to pivot and optimise your offering as the program progresses.

It’s common for facilitators to encounter many facilitation challenges such as:

  1. Aligning participants in a diverse group
  2. Understanding who is most impacted by an issue
  3. Understanding the underlying issue and it’s source
  4. Finding the barriers to change
  5. Encouraging a quiet group to engage in discussion
  6. Managing participation levels

iyarn can assist with overcoming these challenges by:

  • Easily checking in with each individual member, including quieter members of the group, to understand how they’re going, encourage expression within a safe space, and provide them with opportunities to be understood.
  • Finding where the issues lie and what individuals’ barriers are by seeing which areas are scored the lowest.
  • Painting a visual picture of the current situation, providing members with opportunity to reflect on how they’re feeling about the current situation during their check in, provide context for discussions, and generate specific and relevant questions to encourage group discussion.

Getting Started with iyarn

This playlist of 8 short videos will empower you to use the system with your group for maximum results from your programs. You will:

  1. Understand how to create your iyarn account
  2. Learn how to create a new wheel
  3. See how to add members to your check ins
  4. See how to interpret data
  5. Create reports for groups or individuals
  6. Add administrators
  7. Remove members
  8. See how iyarn assisted facilitator Joris Cuesta during his program with Teachers Mutual Bank

Enjoy the videos and remember that you can contact us for further information or explanation.

Creating an Account

In this video, we go through the steps of creating an account, from an invitation through to signing up.

This video covers the following steps:

  • How to sign up using the unique sign up link
  • A quick overview of the iyarn dashboard
  • An example of how quick an easy it is to complete a first check in.

Creating a New iyarn Wheel

Here is a short video showing you how you can create a wheel of your own to create a check-in.

This video covers the following steps:

  • How to create a new wheel that will be used for check ins
  • How to select segment titles and descriptions
  • How to choose between a public and private wheel 
  • How to duplicate the wheel or generate an invite link for the wheel
  • How to edit segment titles and descriptions

How to Invite Others to a Wheel

This video explains how the invitation flow works and how team members can sign up to iyarn via an invitation link or by scanning a QR code.

This video covers the following steps:

  • How to invite team members to your account using an invitation link
  • How to invite team members to a specific wheel

How to Interpret the Data

Now that your team members have successfully completed a check in, this video explains how to easily interpret the data and what do to next.

* This video uses our own demo account to show an example of a dataset. Please note that all data shown in this video has been created for the purposes of the demo.

This video covers the following steps:

  • How to facilitate a conversation with the team member’s data
  • The importance of quantitative and qualitative data
  • The importance of conversations to explore potential issues

Creating a Report from the Data

This video explains how you can generate a PDF report for the group and specific team members. The data in this video uses our demo account as above.  

This video covers the following steps:

  • How to generate a report for the collective group
  • How to select a specific team member and generate a report
  • How to select what data you would like in the report

Adding Additional Admins to an iyarn Wheel

In some situations, you might need multiple administrators for your wheel. This video shows how to add additional administrators to a wheel. 

This video covers the following steps:

  • How to add multiple administrators to a single wheel.
  • The rights given to administrators and the importance of protocols for changing access rights.

How to Remove Team Members from an iyarn Wheel

In the video, you can learn how to delete team members from a wheel.

This video covers the following steps:

  • How to remove a team member from a wheel
  • The impact of removing a team member from a wheel (data is deleted for that wheel)

Case Studies

iyarn’s Role in the Development of a Leadership Team

Facilitator Joris Cuesta, also known as the plateau hacker, helps leading businesses grow + excel by improving both individual and team performance.

With his own unique set of skills and approaches to plateau hacking, improving employee engagement, and developing conscious and empathetic leaders, he fuels individuals and companies to the next level.

iyarn played a critical role in Joris’s program of coaching and support throughout 2020 for capturing data and measuring outcomes.

You can watch a short video below of Teachers Mutual Bank CMO Nichole Banks, alongside Joris and other members of senior leadership, discuss the program and using iyarn to connect and grow as a team, or check out our article here for more information.

iyarn For Checking In With Young Men

The Man Cave released their Insights and Impact Report from 2021 which is a fantastic example of how to check in with young men.

The report shares stories and data from young men (12-16 years old) teachers across Victoria, and The Man Cave’s facilitators to paint a picture of what’s really going on in the minds and lives of young men.

iyarn was used as part of their online programs which were designed to specifically meet the needs of boys during lockdown, providing boys with the space, permission, tools, and role models to connect with each other and express how they’re honestly feeling about their lives right now.

For more information check out our article here.

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