iyarn Yarn #1 – Annie Fogarty AM – Australian of the Year Finalist

iyarn Yarn #1 – Annie Fogarty AM – Australian of the Year Finalist

Education social venturer

With her husband Brett, Annie Fogarty AM founded the Fogarty Foundation in 2000 to help advance education, support young people to reach their full potential and to build stronger communities.

Under Annie’s leadership, the foundation identifies areas of need, supports partner organisations with philanthropic funds, connections and knowledge, and develops initiatives that deliver educational opportunities, inspire community leadership and enrich lives.

The foundation enhances excellence and high quality instruction in schools by investing in education programs, teachers and school leaders. Through the foundation, Annie has developed the Fogarty EDvance program, which improves the educational outcomes of children who attend schools in lower socio-economic communities.

The foundation’s scholarship program for tertiary students provides financial support, a leadership program, enrichment opportunities, and supportive networks to help develop future leaders. Annie is also involved with several boards and committees to help foster innovation and creativity in young people, and is committed to ensuring excellent education and learning for all.

$15 Million Impact fund

The $15M commitment is only a beginning. Over time, the Fogarty family is looking to partner and co-invest with leading industry investors, high net worths and VC firms across Australia.

It’s anticipated that up to four or five new companies a year will receive investment through this program, as well as select follow-on investments.

To learn more about the Fogarty Scholarship program, visit their website, where you can also download a brochure showing all the 150 or so previous scholars.


Potential investee enterprises must:

  • Have at least one UWA Fogarty scholar or alumni in a principal position;
  • Be technology focused and have scalable revenue models;
  • Be seeking ‘Series A’ type funding, where they are able to display measurable traction (i.e. engaged users, revenue, and attractive unit economics); and
  • Have large addressable markets with potential for global revenue and impact.

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