Student Onboarding

Student Onboarding

Welcome to iyarn!

This is our short guide for students. The guide includes several videos and written pieces that will help you use check ins to live your best life.

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Getting Started: How to Sign Up to iyarn as a Student

As a student, you’ll typically be sent an invitation link.

This video explains the process in further detail:

This video covers the following steps:

  • How to join iyarn as a student
  • How to scan a QR code to join iyarn
  • How to use a unique invitation link to join iyarn

How to Create a Wheel

You’ll likely be sent an invitation to check in on a specific wheel that has already been created.

However, if you need to create your own wheel, here is a handy guide or check out the video below:

This video covers the following steps:

  • How to create a new wheel that will be used for check ins
  • How to select segment titles and descriptions
  • How to choose between a public and private wheel 
  • How to duplicate the wheel or generate an invite link for the wheel
  • How to edit segment titles and descriptions

How to Make the Most of iyarn and Check Ins

Check out a few useful links from our blog:

Guides for checking in throughout the year:

Other related:

How to Make Checking In a Part of Your Life

The ability to check in is an important skill in life. See some examples of how checking in is important, and how checking in can apply in many other situations in life.

Hear Lockie Cooke, iyarn Founder and CEO talking about the importance of checking in:

Hear Ben Mills talking about how iyarn can support the mental health and wellbeing of those around you:

See how Australian Champion Swimmer Tomasso D’Orsoagna uses iyarn for self-reflection over a year:

See how a football club can use iyarn to check in:

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