Setting Up for the First Time

Setting Up for the First Time

What is iyarn?

iyarn is a secure private platform for self-improvement and for the improvement of teams. It’s an exceptional tool to use in your life, in your workplace or at your school. 

iyarn intends to facilitate meaningful conversations by assisting people to regularly check in on the areas of life, work or school that matter most.

You can read more about the iyarn team and mission over at About Us.

How do I sign up for iyarn?

Click on Login at the top right of this page! 

You will need to choose the main reason for using iyarn.

This choice will customise your experience of iyarn’s platform.

You will then need to complete the sign up process.

Once you have completed the sign up process, you’ll be taken to the Dashboard. From here you’ll be able to create new wheels, complete check ins and invite the rest of your team.

Note that you don’t have to create a wheel to be able to complete a check in. In this case, you would need to join somebody else’s wheel.

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* Please note that the basic account has all the features you need to get started. If you’re part of an upgraded account, such as a business or school, we will need to enable a range of additional features for you.

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